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Can Apple Store Leads Talk About Unions in Downloads?

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Since downloads are mandatory for Apple retail employees, it may be illegal for store leads to talk to you about unions during these meetings.

Mandatory meetings in which employees are forced to listen to a manager talk about unions are called captive audience meetings. The top attorney at the National Labor Relations Board - the federal government agency that enforces U.S. labor law - recently issued a memo saying that she believes these meetings violate the National Labor Relations Act.

Apple has hired a union busting law firm - Littler Mendelson - to train managers on how to convince you not to join a union. This is the same “union avoidance” law firm that Starbucks is using. Apple emailed Store Leads with talking points to use to discourage you from joining a union. These talking points are from the union busting playbook that employers have been using for decades to prevent workers from organizing unions.

Has your Store Lead been using these talking points? Contact us to let us know and learn more about the growing movement among Apple retail employees for a real seat at the table and a voice at work.