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Five Things You Should Know About Our Apple Retail Union

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  1. We are salespeople, technicians, creatives, operations specialists and other Apple retail store employees from stores across the U.S. who want respect and a real voice in decisions that affect us like pay, scheduling, and safety.

  2. We have support from the Communications Workers of America – hundreds of thousands of workers throughout tech, media, telecom, and other industries who stand together to fight for justice on the job and in our communities.

  3. We love working at Apple and we want to help the company live up to its ideals. We want to make sure that every worker at Apple is treated with respect and dignity and is able to afford quality housing and basic living expenses.

  4. We are committed to educating ourselves about our legal rights and the union organizing process, crafting our own union vision for each of our stores, having conversations with our coworkers about our vision, and building a democratic structure for our union.

  5. We think having union representation and a collective bargaining agreement is the best way to make lasting change at Apple and to make sure that the company follows through on its promises and makes the credo more than just a poem printed on cardstock.

Contact us to learn more about the growing movement among Apple retail employees for a real seat at the table and a voice at work.