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Atlanta Cumberland Mall Apple Retail Union

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Apple Retail Union members at Atlanta's Cumberland Mall store publicly announced their union on April 30, 2022.

Atlanta Cumberland Mall Apple Retail Union Vision Statement

Our vision is to create an environment where Apple’s retail workers are compensated fairly, heard genuinely, and treated justly, and to enrich the workplace by building a foundation of care and trust, both for ourselves and our customers.

A world that is more fair, more equitable, and more just is our ultimate goal. We seek to create a space where technology and community combine, which empowers our users to work towards that goal with us. We work at Apple because Apple’s public values align with our own. We are here to live up to them and want Apple to as well.

Apple is the world’s most valuable company, and as we continue to expand and grow, we need the power to ensure that all of our employees are included in the successes that Apple achieves.

But in a company as large as Apple, it takes a lot of people to make a change. That’s why we’re forming a democratic union, an organization run by us, with leaders elected by us, that we own.

What we are working towards:

  • Fair compensation: Transparency around pay inequality, cost of living adjustments, and real living wages for all employees.
  • Career Development: Dedication to training and developing our employees for internal promotion as the primary method for filling open roles and a clear path for advancement.
  • Corporate-Retail Parity: Benefits and bonuses that are in-line with corporate employees, fair RSU allocation, and a matching RSU vesting schedule.
  • Equity: Agreement to recruit, hire, train, and mentor BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, (and) People of Color) employees for advancement to leadership and decision-making roles.
  • Health and Well-Being: A work environment that takes mental health seriously, promotes and encourages physical health, and advocates for and supports team members with disabilities and/or accessibility needs.
  • Safety: Adequate measures to value and protect employee safety, employee input on operating models, and better enforcement of current policies, on COVID and otherwise.
  • Ideals: An influential role in decision-making to ensure our daily operations match our publicly-stated values, flexibility to allow for civic participation, and opportunities for paid volunteer work.

We love Apple, and we want to see it live up to its true potential. Apple has the power to make significant changes in the way that retail workers across the world are treated, and we look forward to working with Apple’s leadership to realize that change.