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What Issues at Work are Important to You?

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We're organizing a union to make sure that Apple lives up to its credo and to improve conditions at our stores for ourselves and our co-workers. What issues are most important to you?


What happens after I take this survey?
After you take the survey a CWA organizer will contact you to learn more about the issues you are facing at your store and answer any questions you may have about the steps you can take to organize a union at your store.

We will also add you to our list to get email updates about workers’ efforts to organize a union at Apple stores.

Is Apple affiliated with this website?
No. This is an independent, worker-led effort. The information you share is confidential.

Can I contact someone some other way instead of taking the survey?
Email: [email protected] (via Proton Mail)
DM us on Twitter: @Apple_Union